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With an unplanned pregnancy, your mind may be swimming in the unknown. Before you decide abortion is the path, however, we are here to provide accurate information that will help protect your health, safety, and peace of mind.

1. Pregnancy Testing

It’s possible to get  false positive results if you take an at-home pregnancy test at the wrong time. To receive free and confidential pregnancy testing to confirm your pregnancy results with lab-quality pregnancy testing, call our medical site (located at 7110 Sanger Ave, Waco, TX) to schedule a pregnancy test: 254-772-6175. We will help you understand the process of taking a pregnancy test a bit better and, if your pregnancy is confirmed, we will provide counseling, resources and assistance to help you make an informed decision on your next steps. 

2. An Ultrasound

Even with a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound is the next step in your pregnancy confirmation process. Here at Care Net we provide free, 4-D ultrasounds that will confirm three significant pregnancy details:

  • The viability of the baby  (healthy and growing pregnancy).
  • Location of the pregnancy (whether the baby is growing within the uterus).
  • How far along your baby is (gestational age).

3. Your Pregnancy Options

No matter your situation, you have options.  We are here to empower you by providing truthful, accurate information for all your options – as well as honest, compassionate counseling to help you make the best decision for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Schedule a FREE pregnancy confirmation appointment. And again, all of our services are free of cost and completely confidential.

Live bravely. Strength becomes you.