Abortions Performed in Texas (2013)

Every day . . .

Every day, women wake up in our community believing that abortion is on the only realistic solution to an unplanned pregnancy.  Every day. Every day, women are reaching for the hope that someone will help them by providing answers to their questions on pregnancy options. Every day. Every day, an unborn child’s life is ended and a woman’s life is changed forever. Every day, Care Net of Central Texas provides women with compassionate care, practical support and accurate information to change a woman’s life forever by providing hope.  Care Net of Central Texas does this with medical support through pregnancy testing, STD testing and ultrasounds, and practical support through material assistance, community resource referrals, individual counseling, prenatal classes and emotional support. Every day is possible because of supporters like you.  You change lives through your support.  Partner with Care Net of Central Texas on a monthly basis or through your one time gift to help us continue to provide hope to those seeking answers.  Every day.

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I was introduced to Care Net Pregnancy Center during my 4th month of pregnancy. They provided a free pregnancy test, my first ultrasound, ongoing support services, mentoring, abstinence education and support. Not only did I receive mental and emotional support, but I was part of an incentives program that allows clients to use Care Net Cash earned for attending classes and counseling to purchase necessities for my baby. During my pregnancy, my family and Care Net were good stewards of reminding me that He was in charge and there was a plan for my life. Most importantly, He was in charge of my son’s precious life.

Care Net of Central Texas Client