Are you considering an abortion in Waco, TX?

Considering Abortion?

Are you facing an unexpected pregnancy? We’re here to help. Whether you need someone to discuss your options, answer your questions, or just hear your concerns, our doors are open. 


Are You Pregnant?

Before considering an abortion, you need to verify you are pregnant and find out how far along you are so you can know all of the options available to you for your pregnancy.  Even if you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms or have taken a home test, it is important for you to have a pregnancy test administered by a health professional for confirmation.  At Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas, all women are provided with a free, medical-quality pregnancy test.  Make an appointment today.

Free Options Counseling

At Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas, peer counselors will take the time to provide you with factual information regarding emergency contraception and abortion procedures.  It is important for you to know the facts so you are aware of what options are available regarding your pregnancy.  Counselors will explain what you can expect from each abortion procedure and present the risk factors so you can make an informed decision.  Make an appointment to talk with someone today.

Make an Informed Decision

Abortion may seem like the best decision to an unplanned pregnancy, but there is a lot to consider before visiting an abortion clinic.  You can make an informed decision if you gain the facts and know the risks involved.  Make an appointment to discuss abortion procedures with a peer counselor.