abortion recovery

Post Abortion Recovery

After an abortion, most women feel a sense of relief, with that sense of relief being different from one woman to another. However, some women report more significant feelings, such as depression, throughout the decision-making process and after the abortion. It is important to talk with someone about these feelings. You are not alone. Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas is here to help you.

Abortion Side-Effects

Abortion may have physical side-effects, but more common may be the emotional and psychological side-effects.  These side-effects may include:

Guilty feelings
Sense of loneliness or isolation
Loss of confidence
Insomnia or nightmares
Relationship issues
Suicidal thoughts or feelings
Eating disorders

Each woman’s reaction to an abortion is different, with some reporting that it affected them more than they expected.  If you are experiencing any of these feelings, it is important for you to talk with someone.

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We Are Here To Help

If you, a friend or family member is struggling with the emotional or psychological side effects of a past abortion, know that Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas is here to listen and help through the healing process. We have helped thousands of women. Our center offers confidential opportunities to meet as an individual or in a confidential group, with no charge to you. No one needs to go through these feeling alone.


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If you, or someone you care about, would like to find out more information about Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas’ post abortion recovery care, please fill out the contact form or call us at (254) 772-8270.

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