Medical Services

At Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas, we provide critical medical services to women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  Care Net provides free pregnancy testing to confirm pregnancy, free limited, non-diagnostic ultrasounds for women to see their baby, and STD referrals at our medical clinic located at 1818 Columbus Avenue, Waco.

How Can I Get Involved?

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas needs medical volunteers (Physicians, Nurses, Sonographers, Nursing Assistants) that are passionate about helping women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  Your expertise in the medical field can save lives!

Care Net also needs individuals to commit to donate funds to assist with purchasing pregnancy tests and medical supplies required for performing ultrasounds.  These services provide Care Net with a way to show love and support to a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Pregnancy Options

When a woman comes to Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas, she is wondering whether she is pregnant and what options are available to her.  Care Net equips women with the knowledge and information they need to make their choice about their pregnancy and give ongoing support in their decision to parent or adopt, up to one year after the baby’s birth.  As a woman makes hard choices, Care Net shows the truth in a loving atmosphere, and provides hope when a situation may seem hopeless.

How Can I Get Involved?

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas needs peer counselors to talk with women when they come through the doors for their appointment or have questions regarding their pregnancy.  Volunteer for a few hours per week to provide answers to women who are trying to find help and hope.


Material Assistance

If a woman chooses to carry her baby to term, Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas provides her with referrals to community resources, such as medical assistance, nutrition and breastfeeding consultations, counseling services, material assistance, parenting/child care resources, housing assistance, job training and education/GED information, adoption services, legal services, and transportation.  These services provide a network to assist a new mother and her family.

Care Net also provides maternity items and baby necessities to women who decide to keep their baby.  Items, such as bath and bedding items, diapers, infant care items, mother toiletries, infant clothing, formula, bottles and feeding accessories, toys/books, and household items, can be obtained as mothers attend classes on parenting and child care.  

How Can I Get Involved?

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas wants to continue to bless women that have chosen life.  Contact Care Net to find out what maternity or baby items are needed or give a financial donation for Care Net to purchase these items.  Be a blessing to a woman and her family today!

Post Abortion Recovery Counseling

Many women each year choose abortion as an option to their pregnancy.  Most of these women experience emotional/psychological side-effects after their abortion:  regret, anger, guilt, shame, loneliness/isolation, loss of confidence, insomnia/nightmares, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts or feelings, eating disorders, depression or anxiety.  Care Net Pregnancy Center of Care Net wants to provide these women with individual or group counseling in a confidential setting at no charge to them to show them love and support as they find healing.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you, or a friend/family member need to talk with someone regarding a past abortion, contact or refer them to Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas.  We care and want to help.